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{December 3, 2010}   What NaNoWriMo means to me.

I figure I should get this down before NaNo gets too far away for me to remember accurately… So something to look back on for inspiration next October perhaps…

NaNoWriMo mean so so many things to me.
Overall it means getting back together with close friends that you may have drifted away from since last NaNo. People you keep a special room in your heart reserved for, and even though you haven’t seen them for up to eleven months, you pick right back up where you left of. Because these people understand you in a way most don’t.

It means despair.
For me, on the first day as I try to find the right voice and starting point for the novel, and then again at around 15,000 words, and at about 35,000 words… I don’t know why, but those places always represent a hill up which I must push my prose, before I let it go on the other side and run along trying to keep up with it.

It means getting to know your characters better than you would have otherwise.
Something about the high velocity writing, about the obstacles that you must face with your characters at a somewhat hurried pace, makes you bond more closely than you may have at a relaxed pace. Somehow my characters don’t tend to hate me at the end of NaNo. Maybe it is that we have gone through the things together, none of us really knowing what was going to come of it, or where in fact we were trying to get to.

It means sometimes talking to yourself to try and figure out what is going to happen, because sometimes all you need to get those ideas to work themselves out is to talk it through with someone.

And it means that people often look at you like you are crazy when you tell them, and yes, often criticize the practice, saying that nothing too good could come of it.

It means holding your characters close, with a knowing smile on your face, because yes, good things do come out of NaNoWriMo, and I can’t wait to go back there next year.


Millie says:

Hey hun, this is a great list.

For me I would have to say the hardest parts are roughly the same, except they span about 5k (15-20k, and 35-40k).

As always, the social side is lovely too – it’s nice chatting with everyone again! ♥


Hey Millie, thanks for commenting!
Yeah, the uphill battles can start a couple of thousand words on either side of those points and can go for 5k, usually no less than 2k…
I do think that the melbnano people may have kept in contact for longer than other areas… I’m pretty sure we were hanging out in IRC until quite a ways into Feb.
I think we should try and meet back for a regular chat write-in until November…

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